Askham Grange

Client: HMP Construction Unit

Project Value: £1.5m

Contractor: Allenbuild Turner

Area: N/A

Status: Completed


Set in the landscaped grounds of the Listed Grange, converted to an open prison after the Second World War, the new Mother and Baby Unit provides accommodation for 10 mothers and their babies with a crèche for children up to the age of 2.

The initial concept was to provide a secure and safe environment for babies and their mothers where the children could develop within a stimulating environment, meeting their needs and exceeding normal learning expectations.

The physiological well-being of the children was carefully considered and OFSTED approval was sought, as well as consultation with York Social Services.

York Planning Committee were consulted and because of the buildings parallel alignment with the Grange and existing screening, only it’s floating roof is visible.

The design solution provides robust but pleasant bedrooms, sufficient in size to accommodate cots, with an organic open plan crèche providing flexibility and a feeling of space with the secure environment.