The introduction of the Construction (Design and Management) 2015 Regulations saw the creation of a specific role responsible for design health and safety on construction projects.

CDM 2015 specifies that all construction projects engaging more than one contractor, must appoint a Principal Designer.

As per Regulation 11 of CDM 2015 – “The principal designer must plan, manage and monitor the pre-construction phase and coordinate matters relating to health and safety during the pre-construction phase to ensure that, so far as is reasonably practicable, the project is carried out without risks to health or safety.”

The Principal Designer (commonly referred to as The PD) has specific duties that must be undertaken within a project to ensure the safety of all involved – this includes making sure that designers (Architects, M&E Designers, Structural Engineers etc) have all considered safety within their design to allow the building to be constructed, maintained and demolished (eventually) without risk to health and safety.

In addition to this, the PD is there to assist the Client in carrying out the Client duties as specified in the Regulations. One of the key parts of the role, is assisting the Client in communicating information that is already known to all concerned prior to works starting on site. (known as the Pre-Construction Stage)

During the Pre-Construction Stage, the PD will identify to the Client what information is required to be provided to Designers and Contractors to allow them to carry out their work safely.

This information is wide ranging and project dependent but can include:

  • Topography Surveys
  • Flood Risk Surveys
  • Asbestos Surveys (especially for refurbishment or demolition of existing buildings built before the year 2000)
  • Soil Sampling Surveys

And many more.

Rather than “trickle feed” this information, as your project Principal Designer we will compile a Pre-Construction Information Pack (PCIP) which contains all the information required – this can be amended as design progresses to include designers’ drawings and information discovered later in the pre-construction stage.

The key to a successful project, is early engagement with a Principal Designer – ensuring that Health and Safety is at the forefront of any construction project.

Throughout the Construction Phase of your project, as Principal Designer, HLN can assist you in making sure that your Principal Contractor is managing the site in line with current Health and Safety Regulations through regular site safety audits, allowing you to satisfy your duty as the Client to ensure that arrangements made for Health and Safety are maintained throughout the project (CDM 2015 Regulation 4 Paragraph 3)

Attendance at project and design meetings will make sure that where any design changes are considered, Health and Safety is a primary consideration throughout.

On completion of the Construction Phase, we will compile and produce a Health and Safety File using information supplied by your Designers and Principal Contractor so that throughout the “in use” life of your project, vital health and safety information (including drawings and schematics) are available to all involved in the maintenance of the works.