Nottingham Waterside

Client: ISIS Regeneration Ltd

Project Value:£200m

Contractor: N/A

Area: N/A

Status: Planning Achieved

BREEAM Rating: N/A


Flood risk assessments can make or break a planning application and the one carried out by HLN out on behalf of Isis Regeneration Ltd for the prestigious Nottingham Waterside project was an example case.

Bay Associates crucially determined that raising the level of the existing flood walls would protect the site from direct flooding, but would not be the most sustainable solution so made allowances for the accepted 1 in a 100 year + 10% for climate change flood water to enter the site instead.

By ensuring that development levels were sufficiently high, so as to remove the risk of any properties being flooded, some under croft parking areas were set purposely low so as not to compromise the flood storage capacity of the site. This was improved further by allowing flood water to flood the car parks at ground level and this more sustainable approach became a key part of the flood plain management strategy and mitigated upstream impacts.

Sustainable drainage techniques were also incorporated with regard to on site run-off retention to store water for potential re-use and to create amenity use but also to reduce flow rates into the Trent and therefore lessen environmental impact. It proved to be a philosophical piece of work that saved Isis many headaches and was also a key factor in the Environment Agency and Nottingham Trent Council being able to sign off the masterplan and facilitate planning permission.